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Montreal Osteopath | Laurent Caille | Notre Dame de Grâce

Laurent Caille

Laurent Caille is the owner of Montreal Osteopath clinic. Osteopath for the past 26 years, he is also a certified Chronic Pain Management instructor and a teacher for osteopaths.
Montreal Osteopath | Jonathan Faust | Notre Dame de Grâce

Jonathan Faust

Jonathan mixes the osteopathic approach and body movement in his practice. He is also qualified as kinesiologist and in physical readaptation with 15 years experience as a trainer.



Fantastic service. Very experienced professional. I would definitely go again if need

Soheyl Ahmadi


I chose Laurent because he has 24 years of experience and was even more pleased to see that he had evening and weekend appointments available. In two sessions he healed what nine months of physio did not, and I am so grateful for his expertise.

Jacklyn Power


When I came to see Mr. Caille, I had knee pain. After performing couple of routine tests, he determined the cause of the pain and immediately began treatment. After couple of visits, pain is almost gone and I feel incredible amount of relief. Mr. Caille’s approach to treat my pain made me feel comfortable and I see great results. Office is warm and atmosphere is friendly and very welcoming. I have been to other osteopaths and none achieved pain relief the way Mr. Caille’s method did for me. I now understand more the way our body functions and why pain occurs.

Mariusz Kubik