Sports Osteopathy


 Montréal osteopath works in partnership with the MilesFit studio because a multidisciplinary approach guarantees success for all.  

 Milesfit has specialized in postural correction for more than 10 years and offers personalized services adapted to each situation. The only fitness and wellness company in Montreal supported by health professionals (doctors and surgeons) whose approach is based on scientific facts.

 What is postural analysis

An assessment that consists of examining the body in the 3 planes of movement and establishing links between posture and pain related to areas of imbalance, tension or muscle weakness.

 In tandem with osteopathic care, the contribution of the fitness studio allows patients to regain better posture and prolong the beneficial effects of treatments in a sustainable way.

 Following your first osteopathic appointment, take advantage of a free postural analysis, in collaboration with MilesFitto identify the areas of your body that need the attention of a professional.