Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation.

6 weeks program level I – introduction to mindfulness and meditation.

A 6-week  program Level I, entitled “Mindfulness-Based Chronic Stress Management” will be offered to adults who live with chronic unwellness / stress and/or are health care professionals (physicians, nurses, psychologists) who care for people with mental and physical health problems.

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Stress Management (MBCSM) is a program developed by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, a physician and University of Toronto associate professor, who has worked as a chronic pain consultant for many years at University of Toronto pain clinics, including at St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada.  It is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the USA several decades ago, and has been developed into a trauma-sensitive programme that is more customized to the needs of those dealing with chronic pain or stress.


Level I of the programme is aimed at beginners and with one class per week for six weeks. This course is a stand-alone module that enables participants to familiarize themselves with the principles of mindfulness and to be able to practice autonomously.

Building on this foundation, a participant who wishes to further their knowledge and expand their practice can complete Level II. These additional six weeks include more comprehensive techniques and advanced learning, that will enable a you to take even better care of yourself.

All learners can therefore gain the necessary skills to practice mindfulness by completing 6 weeks at Level I or if they wish to deepen their learning go on to complete Level II. The combined course can be completed in 12 consecutive weeks, or divided in two with the second part being completed at a later date.

The lessons last two hours and are scheduled weekly. At the end of each session the course leader will encourage participants to consolidate their learning by practicing at home the exercises given in class for this purpose.


Objective : Discover the world of mindfulness and meditation practice.

During this module the participant will be initiated into the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Particular attention is paid to learning to be present in the moment. These lessons enable participants to become more resilient in stressful ans painfull situations that can arise in daily lif or  in the work environment.

Module II – Advanced

Objective : To take better care of and be compassionate with oneself

During this module, the participant works on their behaviours and bringing self-awareness to their relationship to themselves and those close to them. They are encouraged to take care of themselves in order to increase their resilience. Specific attention is given to recognizing the signals that the body and mind emit in the presence of stress or pain and the reacitons that these provoke. In parallel, the course leader highlights the favourable effects of good self-care in managing stress.

This module concentrates equally on interactions with others and highlights in particular the notion of “toxic” relationships. How do these affect our stress levels? In turn, how might a highly stressed individual have a toxic effect on their colleagues? Thanks to a series of creative expression exercises , the participant will be able to better reflect on past experiences and how to handle them.


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Laurent Caille is an osteopath with 22 years experience, and a special focus on chronic pain management. He has taught osteopathy in France and Quebec and has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 35 years – fifteen of these as a Buddhist monk. He is a qualified MBCPM™ facilitator, certified by the University of Toronto with Dr Jackie Gardner-Nix.

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6 weeks  training Level I sprind 2020
April 21st to May. 16th 2020

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